A few words about me …

Hi people, welcome to my site and thanks so much for popping by. Whether you’ve come from my Facebook page, Instagram profile, my YouTube channel or have seen my images elsewhere I’m glad you have taken an interest in my photography!

Kiakotos Charalampos is a Captain in Oil Tanker vessels and a Freelancer Photographer based in Greece and working everywhere.

My 4 guiding principles.
1. Always to photograph the things you love. Never shoot for commercial gain alone.
2. Shoot more sunrises than sunsets (needs serious effort).
3. Don’t spend too much time editing photos.
4. Visit and photograph a new location every year (a nice goal!!)

It is strange whenever is the time to speak for yourself. I’ve always believed that when you want to experience life and explore everything the world has to offer, nothing compares to seeing it with your own eyes.

It’s an outlook on life that led me to become a seaman, traveling the oceans and seeing some of the most beautiful corners of the world, and I’ve never looked back since.

My goal has always been to capture those special moments and stunning views that I’m fortunate enough to experience. To share these sights with the world I developed a love of landscape and nature photography that was a natural fit with the way I live my life. From the moment I picked up my first camera it just felt right. I knew I could create connections between people and places all over the world.

I now see myself as both a seaman and a landscape photographer. It’s a natural balance that fits together so effortlessly and allows me to share what I see with the world through my photo prints.

I welcome you to take a look at my work, compare what you see to that of the best landscape photographers, and even treat yourself to some of my photo prints.

I hope you enjoy seeing the wonders of the world through my lens.