What Landscape Art Photography means to you?

Nature Photography
is passion. is vision. is love. is hobby. is imagination.

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Albert Dros | Landscape Art Photographer

Albert Dros

You can see Harris’ passion for photography through his work. I love how he combines his work as a Captain with photography and also shows his ship during beautiful weather conditions. His work is vibrant and I can see he has a good eye for composition. He is a good all round photographer with a nice personality.

Mads Peter Iversen | Landscape Photographer

Mads Peter Iversen

You can really see the enthusiasm with which Harris approaches his photography. Besides the landscapes, I am fascinated with his photography aboard the ships he sails. I encourage him with his efforts in the YouTube community as he has a lot to give.

Miguel Quiles | Landscape Art Photographer

Miguel Quiles

I like the passion coming out of his pictures. Harris's enthusiasm is one of a kind. He has a lot to give and for that, his passion can drive him forward. I’m eager to see his next project. Have a nice journey with the vessel man !

Serge Ramelli | Landscape Photographer

Serge Ramelli

Harris photography takes you directly an incredible scene. You feel something extraordinary just happened or is about to happen! He masters color long exposure which is hard to do.

Landscape art photography is the art of taking pictures of nature and the outdoors in a way that takes the audience into the scene. Many people think that landscape photography is just about pointing a camera and shooting to create a beautiful scene. Landscape photography is an art form that has been around for many years. While landscape photography can be difficult, with plenty of close detail involved, anyone who wants to get into the photography business can do so with ease. Explore our photography blog and read about all the latest information regarding photography and the trend around it. While you are here, check our store. Grab tailor made presets to transform your photos or get a wall print for your house from one of the finest pictures I have.

Creating videos for YouTube is a new project for me. They combine two things I love the most. Photography and teaching. As with everything else, landscape photography is a journey and no one knows where that stops. I wish, that you find something useful and gain something from it. Even that bit of smile on everyone’s face when they achieve something is very valuable for me. In case you want to become a part of that effort, please feel free to pass by, subscribe and tell me your thoughts. Everyone can contribute.

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