The Gear I use in each case …

The truth is that nothing is more important than your technique and understanding light and your subject. So it's best to invest in travel and training before getting too focused on cameras and lenses. But gear does matter. See my gear list below, for a list of the equipment I use most. Each item has a quick blurb on where it may be useful.

My Photography Gear

  1. Sony A7R iii - My horsepower. The a7R III takes Sony's proven high-resolution full-frame mirrorless camera and improves upon its speed, autofocus system, and video capabilities.

  2. Sony 16-35mm f2.8 GM - The best lens for landscape photographers. It’s sharp across the board from wide open until closed. Every serious landscape photographer should own it.

  3. Lensbaby Twist 60 f2.5 - An artistic lens that gives two things in our photos. First a nice vignette and second a twisty, swirly blur effect.

  4. Sigma 85mm f1.4 DG DN Art - A third party lens that can be compared with the equivalent GM version from Sony. A sharp lens, with nice bokeh and excellent retention of colors.

  5. Sony 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 G - My telephoto lens. For landscape photographers the reach is enough. When you compare it with the Super 35mm from the camera you reach 600mm. A must have lens, that helps you reach places you can not walk.

My Other resources …

  1. Bigbundle - I use it a lot to find resources for my videos or for my photography. Stock photos are only a piece of the items you can find in there.

  2. Viddyoze - I use it a lot to create intros, outros, lower thirds for my videos. Without downloading expensive programs. From the ease of my explorer. Check it out. I’m sure you find it useful.

  3. Froknowsphoto - You all know him and most probably have seen his videos online. Learn how he does it and get amazed. A nice tutor, friendly and helpful enough.

  4. Clevergizmos - What is this? My life saver. This is the tool I use the most during my day in order to find long tail keywords that sell. Keywords that rank me high enough. From the same company I use the…

  5. Clever YouTube plugin - This is what you need to give your videos a head start. You are in control of how to display or how the thumbnail looks etc etc. Do not underestimate it. It is very powerful.

  6. Tubebuddy - A must have extension if you manage a channel. The SEO tool that has along with the keyword explorer is a nice help especially to a new owner. Use “Photokiakotos” for your discount.

My Videography Gear

  1. Dji Osmo Action - My Portable vlogging camera and the one I use to capture some special moments during the day.

  2. Dji Mini 2 - The fly more combo of my drone. The small compatriot in our day to day needs. We use it both for photography and videography needs and it serves me really well. The small size and weight is a huge plus in order to acquire it.

Accessories and more …

  1. Peak Design Travel Tripod Aluminum - It is an expensive choice but I do not regret it. I couldn’t afford the Carbon Fiber version but still the own I got is steady enough and it captures less space in my bags.

  2. Hoya 3 stop Nd filter - I use it very rarely. Mainly if I want to extend the density from my other filter.

  3. Peter McKinnon VND 6-9 stops 77mm - My Neutral Density filter for the work I need. Mainly for Long Exposures, in order to get the result that I want a density between 6 to 9 is the one I choose. An expensive filter from PolarPro, but you can see that there isn’t any color cast and the build quality is of high standards

  4. Peter McKinnon Backback 35 ltrs - I really love this dude. It’s not only that. Nomatic Backback are of high quality and this one specific is a photographer oriented bag. You can load a lot of things but it will be heavy. For that reason they add the straps on the shoulders that removes a lot from the weight. It is not for everyday usage but for travels. An additional compartment that you can store some clothes are also included with the bag.

  5. Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30 ltrs in Blue - This is the one I use as my main bag from one place to another. Except your gear, you can have a sandwich, a pack of papers, pens, pencils and generally whatever you can imagine.

  6. Rode Wireless Go - My microphones for my vlogs or for my studio working. I also have both cables, one for the connection to my camera and another one in order to connect it to my laptop.

  7. Wacom Intuos Pro Medium tablet - Once you get used to it, you will not go back editing with the mouse. It has a learning curve but the results are more efficient and more natural than the point and click of a mouse.

  8. Loupedeck+ Console - On the beginning, I couldn’t believe that I would fount it useful. Now? I can not edit without that and my tablet above. So fast, so intuitive. I do all my editing process with only checking the picture in my screen and not the tools in Lightroom.

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